Does your business operate in a vacuum?

I didnít think so.

Someone in your organization knows something. And someone else in your organization, or somewhere else in the world, needs to know that something.

How are you going to get that knowledge from the person who has it to the person who needs it? Answering that question requires understanding how the recipient will use that information, what they need, and where they will use it. You need to understand schedules, what the best medium is for transmitting the information, and what tools will best create information in that medium. You need an information designer.

You found one.

Once you have an information design plan, you still need a way to implement it. This means having a writer--one with experience and talent not only in writing, but also in graphic design, for print and electronic media, to make that information visually accessible.

You found one.

Types of Information

Your companyís brain is full of information: technical information about your products and services, internal operational information, probably enough information to make your brain hurt.

Donít worry--the good news is that you donít have to store all that information in your brain. You can write it down. Better yet, you can hire someone else to research it, figure out who needs what, figure out how they need it, write it out in a way they can understand it, format it professionally for the web or for print, and publish it for you. Someone who understands audiences, media, tools, writing, and how information moves best.

Never thought youíd need a writer? Never even heard of an information designer? Then get ready for the most efficient flow of information that youíve ever seen, from the knows to the know-nots and the should-knows.

What can I design & write for you?

In a word: anything. But here are some examples to get your brain going:

That tingling sensation in your head is your brain wrinkling. New ideas generating. Possibilities coming into focus.

Share that wrinkling sensation. Share it with your staff. Share it with your customers. A wrinkly brain is a smart brain.

Get wrinkly.

How much will this cost you?