What People Say

Who I Am

I started doing curriculum development in 1984, while studying education in college. I went on to plan and direct educational programming for children and teens until 1992.

In 1993 I earned a masterís degree in education. I moved into technical writing, training, and systems analysis, first for the college where I was earning my degree and then for a White House office. By 1995 I had begun my freelance business. I edited a continuing education course on networking with Windows NT for a division of McGraw-Hill, one of the nationís leading publishers, and did training for a Fortune 500 company and a few smaller ones.

After a few years off for law school, I returned to business analysis and writing (gladly) for a small information flow consulting company. In the spring of 2000, a client hired me to build and manage its technical publications department. After building the team and taking on the additional responsibility of managing and operating the company's training function, I decided in October 2002 to strike out on my own again to be a freelancer. In November 2002, amid non-fiction (mostly technical and business) writing and graphic design for my clients, I participated in National Novel Writing Month (and again in 2003, but I didn't like the graphic as much). My current independent (that is, not for a client) project is a script based on The Last of the Just.

What I've Done

For ABB, developed curricula for, planned, and taught courses on Lotus Notes, Microsoft Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, and basic computer usage.

For Abreon, developed customized templates for using Info Pak to create Oracle 11i work instructions for the Eaton Corporation. Content areas included bills of material, inventory, and engineering. References: Jennifer Barry, Erin Doman, Karen Kasper, Marcie Milletary, Barb Nelson, and Jill Ritchie.

For the Art Institute Online, edited graphic design curricula for web delivery (distance learning). (Initially directly contracted to AIO, then to its distance learning company, Embanet.) References: Mike Lawsky and Waleuska Lazo.

For a major financial-services company, wrote and edited documentation for data warehousing project, including test plans, requirements traceability matrices, metadata, system requirements specifications, and requirements management plans. (Contractor for UserEdge, which was a contractor to DoubleStar, which was the contractor for the client.) References: Jim Gansky and Susan Fisher.

For Hitt Contracting, developed curricula for, planned, and taught courses on WordPerfect.

For The McGraw-Hill Companies, wrote and edited a continuing education program on networking with Microsoft Windows NT.

For Precision Therapeutics, Inc., wrote and edited standard operating procedures. Reference: Mike Gabrin.

For the University of Pittsburgh School of Law publication Lawnotes, wrote "Technology and the Law: The Student."

For Vocollect, Inc., created online help, including installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting instructions. Reference: Pete Wilton. Also, as an employee there, created documentation, including intranet site, online help, reference manuals, style guides, posters, presentations, and curricula. Developed curricula for, planned, and taught courses on radio frequency networking, software, hardware, development, and database integration. Managed and marketed training programs. Recruited, trained, and managed team of two to four employed and contracted writers. Estimated hours and costs. Planned and managed projects.

As a project manager and business analyst for i2, I worked with two clients, estimating hours and costs and planned and managed projects. For Allegheny Ludlum, analyzed business processes and recommended methods for improving information flow from corporate information technology department to potential vendors throughout the request for proposal process. Documented wide- and local-area networks, hardware, software, and telephony in place to help potential vendors offer appropriate products and services. Created Visual Basic front end to enable all levels of IT staff to create customized documents from Microsoft Word that would include only relevant components for each vendor in each RFP process. Estimated hours and costs. Planned and managed project. For Vocollect, analyzed business processes and recommended methods for improving information from within the company and from the company to its customers and resellers. Created online and print reference manuals, posters, pocket guides, product inserts, and presentations. Won Society for Technical Communication award for excellence in online documentation for the Talkman e-Guide. References: Joyce Query and Marcie Milletary.

As webmaster for the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, maintained web site named one of the country's 10 best law school web sites by a national legal education periodical. Reference: Bernard Hibbitts.

As Training Center Business Manager for CompUSA, managed and marketed training programs. Taught courses on all major software packages for home or business use using commercially prepared curricula

As Systems Analyst for Computer Dynamics, Inc., served as prime contractor to the Office of the United States Trade Representative of the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America. Created reference manuals and training materials for widely varied user population. Staffed help desk. Conducted troubleshooting and assisted network administrators and hardware specialists.

With the Commonwealth Girl Scout Council of Virginia, Inc., I worked my way up from counselor to camp director. Created staff manuals. Developed curricula for, planned, and taught staff and leadership training programs. Managed and marketed programs. Achieved 98 percent score on American Camping Association accreditation, the camp's highest to that point. Recruited, trained, and managed teams of 40 staff and volunteers. Wrote "The Bill of Rights & You," an educational program with components for all age groups, which won an award from a national history teachers' group

What I've Studied

At the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Online, completed Digital Design courses including digital image manipulation, illustration, electronic type and design, corporate identity, computer basics, and design fundamentals. Grade point average: 4.0; perfect attendance.

At the Carnegie Mellon University's Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship, completed one-semester Technology Commercialization course.

With Fred Pryor Seminars, completed Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers course.

At the University of Pittsburgh Computer Learning Center, completed continuing education courses including Graphic Design for the Web,
Web Design and Layout, and XML: An Introduction.

At the Community College of Allegheny County, completed continuing education courses including JavaScript and CGI programming.

At the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, completed Juris Doctor degree. Quarter-finalist, Appellate Moot Court Competition. Served as UK News Editor, Constitutional Law Editor, and Law Reviews Editor for Jurist.

At the College of William and Mary, completed MAEd in Museum Education with a grade point average of 3.9. Wrote thesis, "Learning About the Holocaust," an educational program for teens. Also completed BA in Philosophy with 27-credit minor in Education. Received Benjamin Stoddert Ewell Award for leadership and service in the college and the community.